comprehensive air & water quality monitoring

We are a team with engineering, petrochemical, and supply chain experience building a next generation Environment Health and Safety platform, enabling manufacturing and chemical industry to track air and water safety continuously through a powerful combination of advanced sensors and cloud software.

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Our technicians and Energy Management Consultants (EMCs) are dedicated and committed with vast industry knowledge.

We’re not just proud of the work we’ve done, we’re proud of who we hire to get the work done. Our Technicians and EMCs work hand-in-hand with our many customers to ensure that they get the excellent service and advice they deserve.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

Our Services

Air and water safety, sustainability, and compliance software for industry

Automated Monitoring

Our hardware agnostic software integrates easily with popular monitoring hardware and sensors, you can get instant access to a dashboard with online sensors’ data.

Customized Reports

AI-enabled anomaly detection, predictive warnings of possible incidents, and industry benchmark comparison, for improved compliance and reduced risk.

External-facing compliance portal

Curated dashboards and reports controlled by management, for sharing with government compliance personnel and consultants.

Simple Implementation

We can seamlessly integrate EnviroComp software with any popular air and water quality monitoring hardware, and provide you with online and easy-to-use management tools.

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