Monitoring Has Never Been Easier

Our technicians and Energy Management Consultants (EMCs) are dedicated and committed with vast industry knowledge. They work hand-in-hand with our many customers to ensure that they get the excellent service and advice they deserve.

Our Team

Mahmoud Reza Baghdadchi Bady

Chief Executive Officer

  • Leads strategic direction of EnviroComp, and partnerships. 
  • Managing the company’s assets and liabilities 
  • Serving as the head of the company 
  • Making major decisions in the company 
  • Setting strategic goals and ensuring the goals are measurable

Farhad Rostami

Product Lead

  • Leads product development initiatives. 
  • Helping with performance evaluations 
  • Researching ways to work in new markets 
  • Making suggestions to improve productivity and reduce costs 
  • Meeting with Marketers, Product Developers, department heads, executives, and others to brainstorm ideas for new products and create sales strategies 
  • Deciding which products will be most successful 
  • Using software to record sales and monitor employees 

Azadeh Karkhaneh Yousefi

Operations and Customer Success Lead

  • Leads operational processes, and is responsible for ensuring customers are onboarded 
  • Creating long-term relationships with clients and initiatives to accomplish company goals /customer relationships efficiently 
  • Coordinating with other teams to implement strategies and cross-training efforts 
  • Analyzing budgets to minimize expenses without sacrificing profits 
  • Creating presentations and communicating with executives about plans and strategies 
  • Monitoring changing market conditions and adjusting strategies accordingly

Nafiseh Goudarzi

Business Development Lead

  • Leads sales and marketing efforts. 
  • Identifying and contacting potential clients through networking and marketing methods 
  • Planning and directing marketing or advertising campaigns 
  • Developing new sales areas and markets 
  • Collaborating with sales departments and other teams to meet targets 
  • Hiring, training, and managing junior salespeople, market researchers, copywriters, and other employees  
  • Creating sales presentations for potential clients 
  • Managing contracts 
  • Addressing client complaints or concerns

What we offer

Our Services


Automated Monitoring

Our hardware agnostic software integrates easily with popular monitoring hardware and sensors, you can get instant access to a dashboard with online sensors’ data.


Customized Reports

AI-enabled anomaly detection, predictive warnings of possible incidents, and industry benchmark comparison, for improved compliance and reduced risk.


External-Facing Compliance Portal

Curated dashboards and reports controlled by management, for sharing with government compliance personnel and consultants.

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