Asphalt Emissions Minimizing

Asphalt Emissions Minimizing

Minimizing cement or asphalt emissions is a hot topic these days since it greatly impacts the environment. There is not a universally confirmed method to measure GHG emissions; however, some have suggested different methods. In this section, we wish to elaborate on minimizing these asphalt emissions.

What are the types of Asphalt Greenhouse Emissions? 

Asphalt emissions can be toxic to the environment if not controlled. The greenhouse gas emissions from asphalt cement include carbon dioxide, perfluorocarbons, nitrous oxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride.

Minimizing Asphalt GHG Emissions

A study done by Diana Eliza Godoi Bizarro, Zoran Steinmann, Isabel Nieuwenhuijse, Elisabeth Keijzer, and Mara Hauck shows that increasing RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) and decreasing the production degree to 105 ◦C. The potential carbon footprint will drop by 55 to 65 percent compared to the RAP of 0% and the mixture produced at 175 degrees. You can read the technology they introduced here.

Minimizing Organic and Odor Emissions in the Pavement Process

There are a few steps in each part of the process that one needs to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • In fuel loading and storage tanks’ lids must be kept closed, and any spills must be cleaned ASAP. It is better to do this while neighbors are least affected by the smell. You can also install an odor mitigation system on fuel storage tanks.
  • In asphalt unloading and storage, check the storage temperature and the asphalt cement supplier’s pumping temperatures. Check the wind and weather information during unloading. Inspect the lines regularly.
  • The hot mix asphalt storage must have a proper design to minimize spillage, and if there is any, be sure to clean it up. Keep the Asphalt storage temperatures as low as possible.
  • Anti-stripping additives must blend well, and you must store them following its guidelines. If possible, use low-odor anti-stripping additives.

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