Concrete VS. Asphalt

Concrete VS. Asphalt

Concrete or asphalt? Which one is the safer choice? If you are considering a project and do not know which material to use read the following section to help you make your choice. Here, besides the pros and cons,  you will find which option to use based on your conditions.

Concrete and Asphalt in Different Climates

In case you are doing a project where there is a cold winter we suggest you use asphalt as the material for the following reasons:

  1. Concrete does not work well in the cold and can lead to damage and deterioration. 
  2. When there is heavy snow they usually put salt to have it melt faster and that salt can cause damage to concrete.
  3. Salt and cold do not have any destructive effects on asphalt.
  4. Asphalt absorbs the heat of the sun and therefore speeds up the process of snow melting.
  5. Now if you are considering a project for a warm or hot climate we suggest you use concrete since the other option could become damaged and oily if exposed to hot weather and sun for a long time. Additionally, since asphalt absorbs warmth, it will also add to the temperature of the environment.

Which one is more Environment-friendly?

What you need to consider is that asphalt pavement can be recycled. It is a green technology and therefore an environment-friendly option. This is only sometimes the case with concrete.

Another point is that Certain types of asphalt, like porous or permeable asphalt, can assist with water drainage. These types of asphalts allow the water to penetrate and reach the soil beneath them however if the ground is covered by concrete the water has to run off the sides.

Concrete VS. Asphalt Cost

Concrete roads are more durable in mild climates and more environment-friendly than some types of asphalt roads. However, asphalt paving costs are a lot lower than concrete and asphalt roads are a little safer for vehicles on snowy days.

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