Factory Air Pollution on the Environment

Factory Air Pollution on the Environment

The air pollution caused by factories is a serious problem and it is crucial to control this pollution. Reducing air pollution has been a hot topic for environmental activists for a long time.

Air pollution sometimes has irreversible effects on climate change and human health. Industries are responsible for two-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions which is very high.

Factories Air Pollution and toxins

Many things like the amount of electricity and fuel we use can cause terrible damage to the environment including the air. The toxins released into the air include Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon tetrachloride, which can damage the environment and human health immensely.

Air pollution effect on climate

We all have heard about the threats smogs in cities pose to human health and the environment. Factories are the biggest cause of these smogs going into the atmosphere and our lungs.

To be specific, factories dealing with fossil fuels release dioxide sulfur, which leads to acid rain. Acid rain affects plants, soil, and buildings.

Greenhouse gases cause climate change and release toxins into the air. These gases increase the temperature, which affects rising sea levels, heat-related illnesses and deaths, more extreme weather, and the greater transmission of infectious diseases.

Controlling Factory Air Pollution

Since the pollution factories release into the atmosphere is a big concern these facilities usually try their best to reduce it.  Besides the effects of these toxins on the environment there is the issue of the irreversible effects on human health which cannot be overlooked. Controlling the air quality is crucial for many reasons.

Factories have to meet specific EPA requirements to resume their work. There are some measures that industries can take to reduce the pollution produced by them.

  1. Optimizing the factory’s operations: companies can save energy in different parts of their operations.
  2. Destroying pollutants: Factories can employ mechanisms to destroy VOCs, HAPs, and other toxins before they enter the atmosphere.

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